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Please have a veterinarian in mind for your new addition. Good Vet care is an important asset to your pet’s ongoing healthy lifestyle.
    We charge $400 for shipping which includes air fare, a crate, and vet check. We take the puppy to the airport in a new crate with a cozy blanket. The people at the airlines are VERY nice to them and they travel in a climate controlled area.  We have had 100% satisfaction in shipping our puppies!
    Please be sure you are ready for a puppy before you make your inquiry. This is a serious commitment. You are taking in a new family member who will be with you for the next 16 years or so, and you are making a sizeable investment of time and money, so this is not to be taken lightly.
    Our puppies are guaranteed to be healthy when they come to you and they are guaranteed against life threatening genetic defects for a lifetime. We are very careful with our breeding program and it shows with our guarantee.
    We breed to the tiny standard, so most of our puppies will grow to between 8 - 10 pounds.  We do occasionally have some smaller ones and we will let you know if we think any puppy will stay under the tiny standard size as and adult.


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