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kewpie1.jpg (52123 bytes)If you are new to the Miniature industry you may not have heard of the Arenosa miniature before. However, if you have been involved in the miniature business for long you have undoubtedly heard the Arenosa "word" before and have probably had your socks whipped in the show ring by one of these truly outstanding horses.

Whether it be halter or performance, ASPC, AMHR, AMHA or Pinto, the Arenosa horses have had amazing show ring accomplishments and have made major contributions (unsurpassed by any other bloodline) to the breeding stock in the world of small equines.

Arenosa Pony farm was born in 1941, when Audrey Barrett and husband Clinton moved to Victoria, Texas. Audrey was an outstanding horse expert who had a former riding academy in Arkansas. Children of friends and neighbors were always pestering Audrey to ride her fine saddle horses, which she did not allow. Because of this, a couple of grade ponies were purchased to occupy these area children. Little did Audrey know but the love affair had begun, and the rest is part of Arenosa history!

In the late 1950's and early 1960's, the Barretts began acquiring nationally known show ponies for their breeding program, including Richardson's C-Jo cjpostopper1.jpg (44850 bytes)Topper, a "Top Ten" harness pony and son of the $56,000 C-Jo's Topper. However, one illustrious Shetland sire has become synonymous with the Arenosa program: Kewpie Doll's Oracle. This exquisite 39", black and white stallion was sired by Hillswicke Oracle, one of the breed's most influential stallions and champion in hand and harness.

An Excerpt about Kewpie Dolls Oracle found in a Perry Carlisle Sales Catalog: "Irregardless of their likes and dislikes, everyone who has seen this pony has kind words for him. He leaves a lasting impression that few can equal...With a natural spring to every stride, Kewpie has the greatest pair of natural hocks we have ever seen. Without benefit of training, he literally 'boxes' with his hind feet."

diablo1.jpg (48982 bytes)"He certainly had the ability to transmit quality," Audrey Barrett said of Kewpie Doll Oracle. "To see him move was a joy to behold. He passed that down, too." Audrey couldn't have been more correct with that statement. Oracle sired some top ponies, including the sorrel and white Kewpies Topper of Arenosa, and Kewpie Dolls Diablo the sires of many champions in both the Classic Shetland and Miniature Horse divisions. What proved to be sheet genius, and has stood the test of time, was the crossing of the two half-brothers - Kewpies Topper of Arenosa and Kewpie Dolls Diablo. Intense line breeding and ruthless culling was understood and practiced unconditionally by Audrey Barrett. This set the type forever and the "Arenosa look" was born.

monterrey1.jpg (42399 bytes)Many other extremely exotic Arenosa horses were bred to carry into the next generations. Kewpie's El Monterry of Arenosa was nothing short of MAGNIFICENT. This double registered ASPC/AMHR stallion was NEVER DEFEATED in Model or In Hand. The list of Champion Arenosa ponies and Miniature Horses goes on and on and will continue to do so.

.Flying W Farms Charro Of Arenosa , who is the son of Kewpies Topper Of Arenosa and Kewpie Dolls La Preciosa, was the 1986 AMHA National Champion Sr. Stallion 30-34", AMHA National Champion Gentlemans Single Pleasure Driving, AMHA National Champion Open Single Pleasure Driving, and 1987 AMHA National Champion Ladies Roaster as well as AMHA National Champion Youth Roadster.    He is the producer of 2 AMHA National Champion Titles and 3 National Reserve Titles 


Flabys Supreme, is a 30.5 inch son of the great "Flying W Farms Charro of Arenosa" and grandson of "Kewpies Topper of Arenosa."  He is the 1993 AMHA National Reserve Champion Sr. Stallion 30-32", AMHA National Champion  Single Pleasure Driving 30"-32", 1993 AMHA Liberty, and winner of the most prestious award  that of 1993 AMHA BEST ALL AROUND HORSE.  He  is the producer of  3 AMHA National Champion Titles and 5 National Reserve Titles  and numerous Top 10 offspring. 


The Unmistakable Arenosa Miniature. The Modern Miniature with Royal Past and Rich Future


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