Here at Menagerie Miniatures

We are a husband/wife team, who met each other through our mutual love of animals.

Our Very first mini was purchased several years ago for our oldest granddaughter. We loved this little mare so much that we  HAD to have another, and another, and another.......

A close friend of the family encouraged us to attend a local miniature horse show. That is when we really got hooked! The minis have so many fascinating uses we never imagined. At the show, we saw them "all fixed up" to look their best, but there was much more. They were pulling carts, jumping over and driving through obstacles, doing tricks and even dressed up in costumes. It looked like so much fun and the people there were so friendly that we just HAD to join in on the fun.

From that moment, our mission became clear. We have committed ourselves to the advancement of the miniature horses by careful and responsible breeding of top quality individuals.

Our goal is to produce exceptional show horses who can excel in performance while maintaining the overall balance and beauty of the miniature horse.


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