You are in your summer vacation or spring vacation that you want nothing but the sun’s heat in your body because of the weather your place’s experiencing. A beach will be a perfect place that you can go, a beach from a tropical island and away from the cold place that you are in. In this article, you will know what are the different beaches that you want to go and spend your vacation because of what it offers. We are hoping that after you read this article you will be able to know what beach you really want to go. 

If you need some things for your beach outing that you don’t have enough time or enough money to buy, there are rental places where you can cater to you. Just like paddle board rental Kihei that you can rent paddle board at the most affordable price and the time will be worth the money you rent for it. It best that you will rent the different you need in the rental stalls by the place you plan to go so it will not be a hassle for you to carry around. Now, continue reading if you want to know more about the beaches that you don’t want to miss to go. 


This is a type of beach that you can only go with a private boat or yacht ride before you will be able to arrive and spend your time in here. This is where you want some privacy but have the best beach islet that you and your loved ones have by yourself. This can be a little be expensive if you wanted to really want this place, you can look for a package tour for it so, that you can save. This isolated beach mostly like be found in the middle of the sea that only appears when it is low tide, that it will appear from the water below.  

Fine White Sand 

This beach is very common yet not every place has it, that is why most if there is fine white sand in whatever color it is it becomes a tourist spot. This is mostly found some tropical island that, where perfect weather for your beach time will be given without you asking for it. If you want to travel just make sure that you will be ready for it and you have saved for it because it can be very expensive. A vacation from a different place can be very expensive so make sure that you are really ready for it financially, for the weather change. 

Unique Beach 

This kind of beach will make you amaze in different ways that you will not expect. Maybe there are some activities that the local prepare of the scenery is just different from other places. One of them is the pink sand beach in the Philippines where instead of black or white the sand is color pink. Just like that kind of surprise will really want you to go there and just stay there for the rest of your vacation.