Here at Menagerie Miniatures, we are dedicated to appreciating and breeding the smaller things in life.  We are located on 45 acres in the heart of Michigan.  This offers us a fantastic opportunity to pursue our dreams.

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Breeding & showing Miniature Horses has been a passion of ours for over 16 years.  Our mission has been to produce high quality AMHR/ASPC  miniature horses that excel in both halter and performance. We understand the commitment it takes to breed and raise quality miniature show horses and strive to preserve their grace and elegance.

We have now decided to scale back on the breeding portion of our farm, but are still planning to be very active in showing and training our awesome horses. 

Kings Kove Shih Poos is another of our loves.  We are licensed breeders having been producing these cutie companion pets for over 19 years now.  We developed a careful breeding program, so our puppies develop no genetic defects or health problems.  All of our puppies come with a lifetime health guarantee, ensuring the puppy you bring home will be a member of your family for many years.  Each puppy is well socialized and is raised in our kitchen, running under-foot and played with daily.
Our puppies are great lap dogs and family pets with great temperaments.  Since they are non-shedding and hypo allergenic, they make a wonderful addition to a family with pet allergies.

DKing Show Halters is another of my personal ventures.  I hand craft a limited number of custom order show halters, made for that special show horse.

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        ~ Click on the pic below to view the dolls I custom paint, root and assemble ~

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